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July 2013

Steel Frame Silos For Sale

We don’t usually use our newsletter as a classified section, but this month we actually have something we thought you might be interested in. For our first shipment of silos, we ordered steel frames with the silos. In order to stick to our mission of keeping prices […]

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Marketing & Sales Tips

Marketing  & Sales We all know that with the advent of online news sources, newspapers have taken a hit. There is one type of paper, however, you’ll still find in virtually every home (and often in the bathroom!).  No, we’re not talking about toilet paper, we’re talking […]

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Tech Bits – What to do with Wood Ash

We know disposing of wood ash is something homeowners are concerned (since Kedels typically go through 4 or more tons of pellets a year) with and wanted to provide you with solid answers to the question “what do I do with all this ash?” 4 tons of […]

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Industry News – using technology to make heating systems more efficient – outdoor weather compensation!

Sometime it seems like there’s just too much technology in our lives today. An app for this, an app for that – a new technical innovation every time you turn around – it can all be a little much. There is one technical innovation here at Interphase […]

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Contractor Focus – Pelletco, Jim Knight

In this section we typically focus on a contractor who installs Kedels for residential purposes. And while we anticipate importation of a Kedel for light commercial use towards the end of 2013, in the meantime, a company here in Maine has figured out a way to use […]

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Intro letter

Greetings from Kedel! We are just about a month away from our Dealer Summit – and we’re thrilled to announce Charlie Niebling as our keynote speaker. Niebling, Principal and Partner at Innovative Natural Resource Solutions, has worked in both the private and non-profit sector. He is a thermal wood […]

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