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Interphase Managed Services

Building owners depend on their heating and cooling systems. Extreme weather can cause considerable problems to operations and structure of an unconditioned building. The proactive dashboard service monitors heating and cooling appliances to ensure it is running well and suggest setting changes to improve efficiency.

Sensors monitor temperatures of the supply, return, stack, conditions inside and outside the building, as well as other aspects of the system. Data is sent to our secure cloud servers providing web access to data for the help desk, system contractor, and building owner.

The software provides insight into system performance, recommendations for changes, alerts for maintenance, and service visit records. A helpdesk person will review the report and alerts to evaluate HVAC systems and manage workflow.

Timing is Everything
Other companies only monitor the interior temperature of the occupied space and alert when the temperature is “abnormal.” We monitor the appliance know about a problem well before the breakdown occurs.

Optimize for Efficiency
Most HVAC systems are not operating at optimum efficiency. Monitoring the most critical points on any mechanical system provides us the ability to not only detect a part failure but also to detect inefficiencies and provide proactive solutions that save you money.

Eliminate Risk
Rest easy knowing that Interphase Managed Services is keeping an eye on your property while you are gone.

Prevent Costly Interruptions
By monitoring the critical components on any mechanical system, early detection of problems can prevent downtime.

We are currently seeking installation contractors who are interested in offering managed services to their customers.

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